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Let’s get metaphysical — a quick sequence of tweets

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

[ by Charles Cameron — From Elkus to Furnish, Tolkien to Feynman, — too tired to write, not tired enough to sleep — ripe for the twitter feed ]

The occasion of mirth:


Adam Elkus identifies the zone:

The mirth:




Meanwhile, Tim Furnish was there ahead of time, defending Tolkien & attacking IS:

And now let’s get back to those laws of physics:

Roff, Danks and Danks meme meets the Turing Test

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

[ by Charles Cameron — once again learning the language i already speak ]

SPEC danks meme meets turing test


Okay, now the humor:

Pursuant to my interest in learning the language which is now my mother tongue — including such terms as sperg out and edgelord —– Adam Elkus today updated me on the concept of the Dank Meme

Dank meme? It’s another of those serpent eats tail things:

Dank Meme Urban Dict

— scrambling my mind in time for breakfast by introducing me to Thomas the Dank Engine:

I must admit I’m more used to his Tank Engine cousin:


I’m a big fan of Gordon, the fictional anthropomorphic tender locomotive, by the way — it’s a clan thing.

A simian (ethological) glance at the Republican presidential race

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

[ by Charles Cameron — just one photo among many, or a defining display of power? ]

My friend Tom Parsons made what I thought was an insightful comment on the photo above:

the serious hit was seeing the accompanying picture of Trump again showing simian dominance as the alpha male, and getting a submissive smile and pose from Jeb. That’s scary because I’m not finding online discussion of the simian dominance game that seems so clearly to me to be the foundation stone of Trump’s campaign.


Tom’s not exactly right about there being no discussion of the Trump / Bush body language, as these two headlines [1, 2] show:

SPEC wimp

— but “wimp” is pretty mild pop-psych for “simian submission”, and Tom’s language emphasizes the biological roots of Trump’s apparent dominance.


See what I mean?

SPEC trump


When you come down to it, ain’t biology everything?

There’s the height factor to consider, too. Hey, in Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury has one of his characters claim:

You just don’t go running a little short man like that against a tall man.

— and Abraham Lincoln stood tall at six foot four.

Paintful humor in wake of Ankara bombing

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

[ by Charles Cameron — in which 359 turns out to be just a degree closer to zero than 358 is ]


For those Zenpundit readers no more fluent in Turkish than I am, Acting Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu‘s interview above was reported by Today’s Zaman:

During the interview on Wednesday night Davutoglu also commented on the Ankara bombings on Saturday which left nearly 100 people dead in a suspected Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) attack. “There is a 360-degree, not 180 degrees, difference between the Islam we defend and daesh has in its mind,” the acting prime minister said in an apparent gaffe that sparked a series of tweets mocking his statements which meant the government and ISIL are on the same page on their interpretation of Islam. Daesh is the Arabic acronym for ISIL.

“Davutoglu said there is a 360-degree difference between ISIL and them. They would sue others who would say that,” academic Koray Çaliskan said.

“Professor Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, a closed disc has 360 degrees,” Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) leader Cem Toker tweeted, recalling that Davutoglu is a professor.


Today’s Zaman also quoted the “famous Turkish geometry teacher” whose classes on YouTube have garnered him an impressive following, Mustafa Mete Ekolan aka Ekol Hoca. Ekol tweeted the following graphic illustration today:


It’s worth noting that Today’s Zaman Editor-in-Chief Bulent Kenes was released pending trial today. A fine legal point made by his defense lawyer:

Gunaydin said in the petition to the court there is no crime in the Turkish Penal Code (TCK) for “sending tweets.”

A binary engineering worldview, DoubleQuoted with Explanation

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

[ by Charles Cameron — humor, and please forgive me if you have have seen it before ]

Here’s the DoubleQuote:

SPEC WD-40 Duct tape

And here’s the expanation — you may of course have seen it, but hey, anyway:


via Frank Loveless


It never occurred to me before, but maybe, just maybe, I could get a doctorate in engineering?

Ya think?

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