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Thursday, August 4th, 2005


I have a few posts in the works today but you will have to return later as I am currrently handling various minor tasks. One of which is trying to figure out why my Picasa program that loads photos into Blogger will not let the UI initialize and log in; I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled twice as per their advice but no dice. If anyone has an idea before I start the tech support help ticket treadmill I’m all ears.

Thursday, August 4th, 2005


Two discussions ongoing require a timely update, first up, EMPIRE !

Empires of Connectivity and Generations of Empire” by Dan of tdaxp

Imperial Generations: Some Preliminary Throughts” by Dr. Dan Nexon of Duck of Minerva

Now for TERROR !

Fisking the war on Terror” by Professor Juan Cole of Informed Comment

Are the Western Critics of the War on Terror neo-Colonialists ?” by Dave of the Glittering Eye.

Tempests & Tea Pots” by Collounsbury of Lounsbury-‘Aqoul.

War, Struggle, or Counter-insurgency?” by Michael J. Totten

The last one crosses the categorical line between international terrorism and Iraqi insurgency:

“THE IED MARKETPLACE IN IRAQ” by John Robb of Global Guerillas.

That’s it.

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