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Wednesday, October 11th, 2006


They appear to have been severely hacked.

Hope they recover soon. Not looking forward to having to code my giagantic blogroll into the template if they do not.

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006


Some posts by or about historians or history. Most of them are, like myself, veterans of H-Diplo.

Bruce KeslerDemocracy Project Did France Cave to “Jewish Fundamentalists”?

My friend Bruce takes issue with a historian who uses her careful documentation of Nazi collaborationist crimes against Jews by Vichy officials to equate Israeli policies toward Palestinians with Nazism.

David KaiserHistory Unfolding Kissinger then and now

Kaiser and I have had many differences of opinion ( a situation I imagine will continue) but he is always an interesting read; moreover, his criticism of the evolution of the historical profession is spot on. Kaiser’s use of FRUS in this post demonstrates the strengths that professional historians can bring to blogging as a medium.

Judith Apter KlinghofferHNN -“The Geneva Conventions Are Dead

Controversial but logically correct. Geneva has been undermined by an international refusal to tolerate severe punishment of those, terrorists or rogue state officials, who habitually break its rules ( before people go berserk in the comment section: I think the Bush administration policy on illegal combatants is wrong. The captives should have been giving fairly speedy hearings to adjudicate their status; those who were not paroled immediately or granted POW status should have face a traditional court-martial or military tribunal modelled on Nuremburg and been tried for war crimes, with those found guilty being sentenced to death).

Ralph LukerCliopatriaKC Johnson, Blogger Extraordinaire

Agreed. KC has shown a demonstrated commitment to following the evidence wherever it leads as a historian, blogger and public intellectual.

That’s it.

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006


Winning The War: Advanced Weapons, Strategies And Concepts For The Post-9/11 World
Colonel John B. Alexander

Global Brain
Howard Bloom

Still reading:

The Third Reich in Power
Richard J. Evans

Just ordered tonight:

Networks, Terrorism and Global Insurgency
Robert J. Bunker

I suppose it is too ambitious to promise to review all of these books, but I will commit to Global Brain ( which Dan of tdaxp has reviewed) and the Bunker book ( hat tip to John Robb). If I can muster the energy for the other two as well, fine.

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