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Friday, October 13th, 2006


Going to have to systematically review the damn thing for dead blogs and changed URLs soon and delete/fix them but in the meantime, some new voices:

1 Raindrop

Gunnar Peterson on the intersection of tech, security, distributed systems, cyberthreats and related subjects.

Qahwa Sada

A blog journal on the Middle East organized and edited by Dr. Marc Lynch a.k.a Abu Aardvark, that intends to publish posts from across the political and methodological spectrums.

Kent’s Imperative

Specialist blog on IC analytical practices, other tradecraft and literature.

Check them out and enjoy !

Friday, October 13th, 2006


Chirol at Coming Anarchy artfully expands on the Micropower discussion that went down recently at Global Guerillas, also adding a visual homage to Valdis Krebs. I’m not sure Ukraine can be regarded as ” micro” given its size, population and economic potential, but I think Chirol is illustrating possible strategic behaviors for a state as much as he is categorical characteristics of micropower status.

A future discussion of geographic micropowers that are economic macropowers, like Singapore or the U.A.E. , is warranted. Small states can acquire considerable amounts of economic ” hard power” – or for that matter, illicit, ” black globalization” flows via tight bank secrecy laws or porous borders.

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