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Saturday, March 3rd, 2007


This is some cool techno-foreshadowing that will warm the hearts of geeks, nerds and sci-fi aficianados everywhere. ” Superbots” – robotic modules demonstrating emergent behavior. To quote Dr. Von:

“I just found it fascinating that these concepts are now being introduced and perfected in robotics, where a USC group is demonstrating that robotic modules can act independently, but when combined can communicate with each other, adapt, and perform multiple functions”

Von has posted and linked to a set of videos like this one.

Now imagine this concept married to nanotechnology where each superbot is at the mirco- or nano- level, perhaps in a buckeyball design, and you have a collective superbot that could dynamically adapt to virtually any environment.

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007


I watched “The Departed” last night, which was generally excellent, if a tad long with an entirely unmemorable and wooden love interest. The plot twists nicely for a gangster film and Jack Nicholson gives an adeptly understated performance as Frank Costello, a character based on the real-life Irish mob boss of Boston’s Winter Hill Gang, the notorious James J. ” Whitey” Bulger, who like Costello, was both casually murderous and a protected informant of the FBI. Matt Damon is out-acted by Leonardo DiCaprio in their joint scenes, but as neither of them will ever be confused with Sir Laurence Olivier, that really doesn’t matter much.

Worth the price of a movie rental.

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