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Monday, August 20th, 2007


Via Politics In The Zeros (Hat tip), I learn that netwar theorists Dr. John Arquilla and David Ronfeldt have revisited their 1999 essay “The Promise of Noopolitik” with an updated postrscript. An excerpt:

“As America’s soft power rises and falls, so do the prospects for noöpolitik. And right now, America’s soft power is unusually questionable. America has long stood for vital ideals — freedom, equality, opportunity. America has also stood for ethical ways of doing things: competing openly and fairly, working in concert with partners, seeking the common good, respecting others’ rights, and resorting to war only after exhausting non–military options. By doing so, America built its legitimacy and credibility as a global power in the twentieth century. But lately, due to assorted sorry matters this decade (some but not all involving the war in Iraq), leaders and publics around the world have become increasingly doubtful that America is deeply dedicated to the ideals and practices it professes. U.S. public diplomacy is on the defensive more than ever before. Oddly, China is said to be more effective at soft–power appeals and techniques “

Monday, August 20th, 2007


Top Billing! Bruce Kesler at Democracy Project – “Congress: Lawfare Vs. Warfare

Jason at Armchair Generalist – “William Gibson’s Spook Country” and “Casual Fridays review of John Robb’s Brave New War.

Dr. Sam Crane at The Useless Tree – “Childhood

CKR at Whirledview -“The Bloggers Develop US Nuclear Policy” (More on this later….)

Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett – “Email: exception on Iran” and “More Iran email

Max Boot at Contentions – “Giuliani vs. Edwards

Garr Reynolds at Presentation Zen – “Interconnectedness and “becoming the Buddha”

SWJ Blog – “Strategist Behind War Gains

Studies in Intelligence – “The Intelligence Community’s Neglect of Strategic Intelligence

Der Spiegel – “Hope and Despair in Divided Iraq” ( Hat tip to CavGuy at The SWC)

PARAMETERS – “Iran and the United States: The Emerging Security Paradigm in the Middle East” (PDF) by Gawdat Bahgat and “Epochal Change: War Over Social and Political Organization ” by Dr. Robert J. Bunker

The Jamestown Foundation – “The Father of the Taliban: An Interview with Maulana Sami ul-Haq

SEED – “Rise of RoboEthics: Grappling with the implications of an artificially intelligent culture

ScienceDaily -“Cognitive Revolution: Integrating Computing, Nanotech, Simulation And You
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