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Monday, September 3rd, 2007


An unusually high quality selection – any of them in a normal week would merit consideration for the “top billing!” designation. An embarrassment of riches!

The actual winner of the title is Art Hutchinson of Mapping Strategy, for intellectual firepower on a topic that is generally misunderstood:

Top Billing! Art Hutchinson – “What Can and Cannot Be Predicted (and Thoughts On Telling the Difference)” (Hat tip to Wiggins at OSD )

Swedish Meatballs Confidential -“Perception Management Fur Alles – Dones, Doings and To-Do’s


Dave Schuler – “Gripes About Public Discourse

Fabius Maximus – “News from the Front: America‚Äôs military has mastered 4GW!Part II of a Series

Dave Davison – “Paul Saffo – Mapping the Cone of Uncertainty

Steve DeAngelis – “America Remains in the Broadband Slow Lane” and “WiMAX and the Evernet

Ross Mayfield – “Decoupling Decision Rights and Decentralization

Dr. Chet Richards and Maj. Don Vandergriff – “Summary Report
2007 Boyd Conference

Garr Reynolds – “The creativity imperative: nurturing what is our nature

I also endorse the video clip of thought leader Tony Buzan, featured by Garr ( Dan of tdaxp, Don Vandergriff, if you happen to read this, you two in particular should view the segment)

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