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Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Top Billing! Sebastian Gorka in the National Post – “Understanding the jihadis, by way of Sun Tzu

The Taliban are not al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda is not the Taliban. Yes, the Taliban gave safe-haven to Osama bin Laden and his organization after he was expelled from Sudan in the late-1990s. Yes, members of al-Qaeda and even bin Laden’s own family have intermarried within Taliban power-groups, including the so-called Quetta Shura. But the Taliban must be understood as a heterogeneous group of warlords with variegated pasts and disparate interests. Some are former members of the governing regime that was dislodged by U. S. special forces and the CIA after 9/11. Others are primarily narcotraffickers, while some are tribally defined and established masters of regions which have proved impossible to domesticate for centuries

Professor Gorka teaches at National Defense University and is a fellow at Joint Special Operations University.

AFJ – Frank HoffmanStriking a balance:  Posturing the future force for COIN and conventional warfare

Analyst Frank Hoffman on the biggest debate in the defense community for the next four years – if not ten.

DNI How Would Boyd Analyze Afghanistan? and Chuck Spinney’s piece in Counterpunch.

John Boyd’s acolytes Chet Richards and Franklin “Chuck” Spinney on Afghanistan, the OODA Loop and COIN.

David IgnatiusKicking The CIA (Again)

Ignatius nails the specious nature of the charges being leveled by House Democrats.

The Left wing of the Left wing of the Democratic Party is quietly engaged in a concerted effort, outside of public scruitiny, to check presidential authority in foreign policy and shift America’s stance sharply leftward by gaining greater Congressional power over the IC and diminishing the bureaucratic leverage of the DoD through Senator Carl Levin’s bill proposing an unwanted, unasked for, “reorg” of deputy secretary positions. The GOP appears to be asleep. Or perhaps just dead.

SWJ Blog – Small Wars Journal $8,000 Writing Competition – Warning Order

$ 8000 ain’t hay.

Red Team JournalInterrogating the “Evil Futurist”

Foxes and Hedgehogs of the 21st century.

ubiwarSecrecy and Cybersecurity

Secrecy has a point of diminishing returns.

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