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Truth in advertising?

[ by Charles Cameron — British politics and religion: reading billboards as signs of the times ]

On the Fourth, in my post On the inforced uniformity of religion, I registered my lack of total enthusiasm for a highly-publicized campaign to “declare the plans of heaven” over the British parliament. One of the problems inherent in any such arrangement is the wide diversity of political opinions attributed to the Godhead.

Happily, these days we can quickly ascertain God’s views on matters of religion and politics by watching the signs of the times — billboards:

By way of pointing up the contrast, the BNP is opposed in particular to:

the Crescent Horde — the endless wave of Islamics who are flocking to our shores to bring our island nations into the embrace of their barbaric desert religion.


I’m indebted to Archbishop Cranmer, the British blogger on matters of religion and politics, for drawing my attention to each of these billboards (i and ii).

As Abraham Lincoln in a far different context once said: “The prayers of both could not be answered.”

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