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The always incisive TM Lutas takes Pundita to task. An excerpt:

“The first error is a huge error of omission. The Democracy Stage Show Kit (DSSK) is analyzed in isolation without even mentioning that it is the mirror of the Great Power Puppet Regime Kit (GPPRK), most often, but not exclusively deployed by the USSR and now Russia. The GPPRK was developed when it became clear that E. Europe satellite retention was not entirely tenable as a monolithic Soviet Bloc with the Warsaw Pact on the military end and Comecon doing the economics end of the system.

The idea of rent-a-mob is much more heavily supported in the modern GPPRK model. Romania’s 1991 riots are typical of the GPPRK model’s use of such resources. These are real mobs with real clubs and there’s real blood in the streets in the aftermath. By comparison, the DSSK mobs, if the DSSK exists in more than Pundita’s imagination, are utterly benign by comparison. What was the death toll of the Orange Revolution?

By clearing out the ugly alternative through the simple expedient of pretending it does not exist, the DSSK is examined against the platonic ideal of the let’s all get along sitting room societies and, mirabile dictu, the DSSK comes up short “

(Note to the reader, TM’s connection to Romania is of the firsthand variety)

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