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Two discussions ongoing require a timely update, first up, EMPIRE !

Empires of Connectivity and Generations of Empire” by Dan of tdaxp

Imperial Generations: Some Preliminary Throughts” by Dr. Dan Nexon of Duck of Minerva

Now for TERROR !

Fisking the war on Terror” by Professor Juan Cole of Informed Comment

Are the Western Critics of the War on Terror neo-Colonialists ?” by Dave of the Glittering Eye.

Tempests & Tea Pots” by Collounsbury of Lounsbury-‘Aqoul.

War, Struggle, or Counter-insurgency?” by Michael J. Totten

The last one crosses the categorical line between international terrorism and Iraqi insurgency:

“THE IED MARKETPLACE IN IRAQ” by John Robb of Global Guerillas.

That’s it.

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