Busy setting up bookcases and unpacking, organizing, shelving several thousand books today – a project long delayed – so that a car may park in the space in the garage currently occupied by my giant cube of paking boxes. This cube has sat untouched for oh, six-seven months and my excuses have run out ;o)

I’ll be posting later but in the meantime, here are new voices that have joined my blogroll of late:

American Digest

Brad Plumer

Captain’s Quarters

Conjectures & Refutations

Critt Jarvis

Digital Dissent

Nothing Aside

Organic Warfare

The Useless Tree

Typewriter King

Back in a while……

6 comments on this post.
  1. Matt McIntosh:

    Thanks Mark!

  2. mark:

    You’re welcome !

  3. Anonymous:

    Ugggh–that music on Typewriter King! Is there a way to turn it off?


  4. mark:

    Hi CKR,

    Yeah, that site made the blogroll on sheer eccentricity. Eerie ” fade” going there too.

  5. Typewriter King:

    That midi actually played? Sweet! I still haven’t figured out how to make it play in my settings.

  6. mark:


    It stopped playing now BTW