Dr. Chet Richards of DNI and author of Neither shall The Sword did not have long to wait to see the start of his predicted trend toward greater availability of PMC combat services.

J. Cofer Black has announced that Blackwater is now able to provide “Brigade-sized force” on short notice for peacekeeping or counterinsugency operations.

Mr. Black’s extensive record at the CIA and State Department in fighting Islamist terrorism was featured in the bestselling book Ghost Wars by Steve Coll.

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  1. Eddie:

    I’m glad he singled out their availibity for Dar Fur duty. If not there, how about a well-planned, well-executed counterinsurgency campaign against the LRA in Uganda/S.Sudan/Congo?

  2. mark:

    It would be nice – this is still a major leap for the diplomatic set – the UN would prefer to keep letting people die en masse than sanction something new.

    The Congo is not even on the radar screen of America’s elite, except for Africa specialists and activists, never mind the Aerican ppl. Nothing will be done there I’m afraid unless the war reaches Rwanda genocide proportions.

  3. Dan tdaxp:

    True, but Richards plan calls for a largely privitized Leviathan, which SysAdmin work (as would be needed throughout Sudan, etc) would be in the hands of the Army Corps of Engineers.

    Living in a state where a good part of our economy depends on the USACE, I shudder at the prospect. If they can’t SysAdmin South Dakota, they don’t have a prayer oversees.

    (Unless you consider UN-style SysAdmining of Kosovo or Bosnia a model worth emulating.)

    Not that a Military-Industrial-SysAdmin-Complex would be a bad thing….

  4. Eddie:

    Yes, the capability-reality gap lies with the UN and State Dept.

    In the case of the LRA, you don’t need a sysadmin, you need a levithan. Beyond terrorizing the villagers they hide behind and enslaving children to be fighters, they have little to no popular support and few allies, besides the other big bad guys in the region, the Sudanese military and their militia proxies.

  5. Anonymous:

    Privatization is good…right?


  6. mark:

    “Privatization is good…right?”

    No, it is cheap.

    If it plugs a hole state militaries fill poorly but the PMC’s remain under state control it is ok. Cut loose to roam freely with self-sustaining income flows, not so much