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Extended commentary on a single subject by respected voices:

The charming and perceptive Nadezhda at American Footprints has a series on the diplomatic crisis with Iran. Nadezhda is one of those bloggers who always does her homework and her assessments are wedded to real experience and sharp analytical judgment. We are not always in agreement but I have never had an intellectual exchange with Nad where I did not walk away impressed:

Part I -Iran 1 – EU3 talks back on [+ US – update]

Part II- Iran 2 – Softly, softly …

Part III -Sanctions Diplomacy

Part IV – R-E-S-P-E-C-T, regime change and the P5+G

Part V – Centrifuges, posturing & raising the stakes

More parts to come in the series….

At tdaxp, the intrepid and corona-inspiring Dan Abbot is promoting his multifaceted extravaganza, Summerblog ’06, but I would like to focus on one part of Summerblog, Dan’s series on Colonel John Boyd’s OODA Loop. The OODA Loop is a very important concept to understand and one that related to major military schools of strategic thought including both Network-centric Warfare and its rival, Fourth Generation Warfare. Dan has not only thought long and hard about the implications of the OODA loop but he has had exchanges with some of the world’s best informed experts on the subject, including John Robb and Dr. Chet Richards.

(And, as a parenthetical aside, you also get to see Dan’s impressive skill with graphics on display).

Variations of the OODA Loop 1, Introduction

Variations of the OODA Loops 2, The Naive Boydian Loop

Variations of the OODA Loop 3, The Sophisticated Boydian Loop

Variations of the OODA Loop 4, Pseudo-Boydian Loops

Variations of the OODA Loop 5, Post-Boydian Loops

Variations of the OODA Loop 6, Bibliography

That’s it for series blogging !

More posts to come later today on unrelated matters.

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  1. Dan tdaxp Says:

    Thanks for the links! 🙂

    Though in fairness the graphics in the OODA loop series are from the sources listed in the text, not my hand…

    If you need a tdaxp chart fix, however, both Visualizing Critt’s New Game and Quality, a tdaxp Series have plenty of pretty. 🙂

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