Angels in Aleppo

[ by Charles Cameron — a quick glimpse of the Qur’an in a Guardian report from war-torn Syria ]


Noted in passing:


It always interests me to see echoes of the visionary in everyday life, and this comment by a local commander in Aleppo, Syria is interesting both for the curious blend of ideas and references that Abu Ali has picked up along the way, and for its direct echo of the Qur’anic motif of angels accompanying the faithful in battle.

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  1. Bryan Alexander:

    What a terrific catch, Charles.
    I admit to chortling at his wife’s reaction. 

    All best wishes for the new year –  

  2. joey:

    I read that report, he did seem like a character alright.

    Happy New year one and all 

  3. Mr. X:

    Happy New Year Charles and Zen! I have resolved in the New Year not to waste another minute thinking about all the authoritarians who’ve infiltrated both the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ but to pray and prepare more.

  4. zen:

    Happy New Year gents!