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The Oscars, the Conclave and the Chinese

[ by Charles Cameron — more on the upcoming papal election from a “comparative” perspective ]

As you know, I noodle around with parallelisms and oppositions quite a bit. Here are two recent pairings that caught my attenion — one of them just in time for the Oscars:

The other concerns political influence on spiritual appointments…

I had the good fortune to meet and befriend a “tulku” while I was at Oxford, so the whole business of the identification and recognition of reincarnated Tibetan lamas has long been an interest of mine.

3 Responses to “The Oscars, the Conclave and the Chinese”

  1. Dr No Says:

    If the Academy is so White, how come Hollywood is so anti-White?

  2. morgan Says:

    Stupidity, guilt trip, or both.

  3. Curtis Gale Weeks Says:

    Dr. No’s apparent assumption is that one’s race logically must align with one’s views or one’s loyalties or both. “Why you no keep it within the tribe, brah?”
    Given that ZP is celebrating its 10th anniversary, perhaps Hollywood can be persuaded to turn the blog into a major motion picture event and Dr. No can reprise his role as…Dr. No?  The theme would be:  Many Cold War era supervillains end up their lives leaving pithy comments on blog posts in the post-Cold War world.

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