In the midst of a time of family celebration, Mrs. Zenpundit and I were hosting a sleepover involving the Firstborn of Zenpundit and a couple of other girls in the same early elementary range. From my fatherly perspective, it would seem that a girl’s sleepover primarily involves two things:

a) The consumption of large quantities of processed simple sugars.

b) Squealing.

Lots and lots of squealing.

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  1. nigeria, what's new:

    Meanwhile, in Beauty’s household, 2nd son’s friday sleep over with classmates is a wide awake x-box/ps2(2 versions)/pc connected “will you all pls keep it down!!” sleepless nite.

  2. Anonymous:

    it’s alot better than whinning!


  3. mark:

    Hi Beauty !

    Ha ! Fortunately, my son is still a little too young for Xbox/Ps2 but I’m not sure he won’t discover it before too long

    Hi Barnabus,

    Indeed, indeed. :o)

  4. Eddie:

    Oh no, xbox/PS2 is OLD now. Now it is the 500 dollar (with all the accessories) XBOX 360 and the 600 dollar PS3. Good luck, that whole parenting thing for boys just got a whole lot more expensive as soon as they discover the luxury world of videogames.