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Going to have to systematically review the damn thing for dead blogs and changed URLs soon and delete/fix them but in the meantime, some new voices:

1 Raindrop

Gunnar Peterson on the intersection of tech, security, distributed systems, cyberthreats and related subjects.

Qahwa Sada

A blog journal on the Middle East organized and edited by Dr. Marc Lynch a.k.a Abu Aardvark, that intends to publish posts from across the political and methodological spectrums.

Kent’s Imperative

Specialist blog on IC analytical practices, other tradecraft and literature.

Check them out and enjoy !

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  1. The Lounsbury Says:

    Actually an unrelated question. Aqoul is adding guest authors, we’ve just added a liberal Jewish author who wants to write about Israeli – Palestinian issues (a subject none of the present authors are enthused about.

    That’s fine, but I feel we should have some right side of the aisle blood as well – not interested in American political whanking as you know, but critical minded folks of a classic liberal bent. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome of course.

  2. mark Says:

    Hi Col,

    My strong recommendation would be Dr. Tom Odom, a retired LTC and career FAO for the Mideast and Central Africa.

    Lot of in-country experience during some scary moments in time ( Lebanese civil war, Rwanda/Congo during the genocide)and solid scholarship to boot. Not at all ideological though probably center-right in orientation though to the left of me. Impressive thinker, strong on security issues, some high level USG experience (NIC or DIA), nice guy.

    Not sure if he would do it but I’ll approach him and ask if you like. Just let me know.

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