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Fast and dirty….

Dan of tdaxp – “The Diplomatic Surge We Need

Cognitive Daily – “Why are visual memories so vivid when visual memory is so limited?

BusinessPundit -” Clustered Social Networks Lead to Company Innovation

Coming Anarchy -“The Human Footprint on Earth

Opposed System Design – “More Gibson Reading” and “Strategy is Hard, Process is Easy

That’s it!

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  1. Theofanis D Lekkas Says:

    Completely unrelated comment. I came across a blog post at Overcoming Bias that I thought you might find interesting. Since you talk about complexity quite often I thought that this post would give something to consider. The post is called “The Futility of Emergence”.



  2. mark Says:

    Hi TDL

    Thanks for sending that – I apologize for the delay in responding.

    I understand his semantic logic but not his physics here. He’s right that many ppl use the term in the fashion he describes but that doesn’t mean that “Emergence” is conceptually analogous to “phlogiston”.

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