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Recommended Reading

Many irons in the fire this morning and I’m slurping down coffee fast and furiously but here it is:

Top Billing! abu muqawama – “Petraeus Picks the Next Generation

I hereby promote this gentleman to the status of ” daily read”. You should too.

Adam Elkus – “Resilience and American Security

Nice piece by Adam. Historically, when an armed service is out of the national spotlight as the Navy is today, it becomes a time of either intellectual growth or ossification within it’s officer corps.

The Center For Threat Awareness in “Think Tank 2.0” form has been launched! ( I knew it was coming but a hat tip to Shlok nonetheless and congrats to Michael Tanji and his compadres)

Strategic Security Blog – “White House Guidance Led to New Nuclear Strike Plans Against Proliferators, Document Shows“. Hat tip to Wiggins at OSD.

I’d this one a must-read for national security wonks. It’s also good evidence as to how specialist blogs can easily outclass the reportage of even flagship MSM outlets.

Fabius Maximus, often featured at DNI, now has a blog – here are a couple of sample posts
Empowered individuals — and super-empowered ones!” and “The Essential 4GW reading list: chapter Two, Donald Vandergriff“.

Dr. Barnett has been spotted attending Matrix conventions.

That’s it!

2 Responses to “Recommended Reading”

  1. bastard.logic Says:

    Tuesday Blogwhoring…

    by matttbastard
    This one goes out to my fellow bastard.logicians. Love.
    (Melissa McEwan effin’ owns like Snorlax!)
    Designated Protest Zone: Power, Privilege, and “Challenging Ourselves”
    Intrapolitics: The Space Between Ethnocentrism …

  2. zen Says:

    Gracias Matt !

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