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A Sign of the Times – in today’s Post

[ by Charles Cameron — on skilled design, and on choosing to purchase influence, elegance or beauty ]

There’s something very neat about this front page:

Okay, okay, Jeff Bezos has bought the Washington Post. But what intrigues me about this front page of today’s digital edition as it appeared on my screen this morning was the way a color photo of Bezos sneaks in (left) below a larger black and while photo of Katharine Graham (center) — while an ad for the China Daily (right) takes up a third of the real estate (right), to be read, mark you, on Bezos’ own Kindle.

So we have today’s future, to coin a phrase, with the “pivot to Asia” and the “pivot to Bezos” right there together — and the “pivot to digital” pretty much a done deal.


The price of the Post was $250 million, and plenty of people have talked about what Bezos could have bought instead — and while we’re on the topic of neat design, I couldn’t help but notice that there’s a $250 million penthouse under construction in Monaco, described by HiConsumption as The World’s Most Expensive Penthouse, and that one of the numerous architectural illustrations provided also features a striking lesson on graphics:

What catches my eye here is the parallelism between the window with its center divider and balcony rail (left) with the geometry of the painting on the wall (right) — that’s a brilliant design choice, as the photographer well knows.

In my dreams I’d prefer my own choice of art-work, frankly — and if I only had $250 million to play with, I’d go for a small craftsman cottage in Pasadena, perhaps — with that luminous $250 million Cezanne to grace one of my walls…


That — and the digital Post on Kindle, I suppose.

3 Responses to “A Sign of the Times – in today’s Post”

  1. Curtis Gale Weeks Says:

    Charles, I think that painting on the wall is a flat screen television reflecting the scene outside. Mirrors and parallelism:  go figure!  (Check the photo right below that photo at the site….)


    But maybe you were talking about the wall covering, which is either carved or painted on?  (Can’t tell.)  In another of the pictures, this of the bedroom, you can see a different wall behind the bed that also uses a similar effect, although this time squares.      

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    I do believe you’re right — so the honor belongs to nature, not some artist or photographer!

  3. Grurray Says:

    I believe I’ve seen a similar piece of art 

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