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Recommended Reading

Well…..I didn’t quite get the time I expected this weekend to do much posting but I’ll see what I can manage in the next few hours.

Top Billing! CTLab ReviewNotes Toward a Theory of Asymmetric Warfare (Dr. Tyrell)

My CTLab colleague Marc Tyrell, also a SWC member, is high on my list of mil theorists. CTLab itself is sporting a new look as the site moves toward “formal” roll out (in September, if I recall correctly).

Thomas P.M. Barnett –  What reviving Cold War will end up costing us

I’m in sync with Tom on this subject – legacy thinking is a form of national security escapism to get around the hard thinking needed to craft a foreign poolicy toward Russia that deals with frictions and opportunities.

On “Hybrid Wars”: 

Dr. Erin Simpson – Thinking about Modern Conflict: Hybrid Wars,Strategy, and War Aims

Frank Hoffman –  Lessons from Lebanon: Hezbollah and Hybrid Wars  and How Marines are Preparing for Hybrid Ears

( hat tip to Dave Dilegge writing from SWJ Blog and CTLab)

Jesserwilson’s Blog Social Software Use in the Intelligence Community: Interview with Mr. Chris Rasmussen

This link is a couple of months old but, I think, of interest to many readers who are into Web 2.0 and/or IC issues.

Good Lord! Kent’s Imperative is back !! – Unintended learning objectives

I’ve never been in a formal intel program that KI describes but the “disease” of which KI speaks has deeply infected the field of history and the humanities for years. A result partly of cultivated dogmatism and partly from a longstanding decline in the frequency with which students are required to critically assess one another’s reasoning, their own – and that of their instructor – for errors of fact, logic, context and proportionality.  Michael Tanji has his say too.

John Hagel –  Stupidity and the Internet

Hagel never writes a bad post and this one is spot on.

Open the Future Thinking About Thinking

Adapting ourselves (literally) to cognitively master changing environments

Foreign AffairsThe Next President’s Daunting Agenda by Richard Holbrooke

A possible future SecState takes a partisan swing at grand strategy and quickly drifts into diplomatic mechanics, pet causes and what appears to be a thinly veiled but longwinded campaign commercial for Barack Obama.

That’s it!

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