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Today we are not Democrats or Republicans, conservatives or liberals but Americans. Let us remember what was lost today seven years ago but also look forward, with hope and confidence, in the future of our country.

7 Responses to “Remembering”

  1. purpleslog Says:

    Zen…I don’t the image you want it showing up on the post.

  2. tdaxp » Blog Archive » The first 9/11 after 8/8/08 Says:

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  3. purpleslog Says:

    Jeez, I am a horrible typer. I am literate, honest.

    What I see instead of some image is an image with text:

    "Visit some image…that’s where the famous photos are…scribd.com sucks."

  4. zen Says:

    D’oh ! Fixed! Thx P.

  5. Seerov Says:

    This photo is racist, intolerant, Nazist, xenophobic, KKKish, White Supremacist, hateful, ignorant, hate-speech-like, Eurocentric, and hate0graphic. 
    See links:

  6. zen Says:

    Hi Seerov,
    Like earlier generations of totalitarian ideologues, PC-multicultis want to revise history, literature, social conventions and art to suit their political agenda. The statue in this case that you refer to was approved by political ppl who are more interested in votes than historical accuracy or even PC sensibilities. The silliness goes through not because of PC arguments which most ppl, including liberals realize are intellectually specious but because the PC advocates usually are representing political organizations with a record of mobilizing votes, donations and demonstrations and on the other side there’s nothing much but generalized but unfocused annoyance in response to media stories. Pols see costs in crossing the former but not the latter. Nobody demonstrates for more accurate history – just for propaganda that favors their own causes.
    If pandering to PC ideologues were going to cost pols votes or donations, it would stop but right now it’s a cost-free concession in their view.

  7. Seerov Says:

    Zen, the comment you wrote above is so on target, that the only thing I can equate it to is an archer splitting an arrow with another arrow.  I would comment further about it, but when something is this prefect, I’m afraid that my words would only pollute this piece of pure mental clarity.  I have nothing else to say.  Its all here.

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