Boyd & Beyond 2013 Retrospective Day I

Photo: Michael Moore. "Magicians fool us when we accept their starting points..

“Magicians fool us when we accept their starting points. Boyd was not fooled; he did not accept that the superior MiG15 was beaten by the F86 because of some ‘magic’. Boyd dug. And he came up with the OODA. With one way of re-picturing the OODA, we can go beyond what Boyd has left us…” 

British psychologist Michael Moore’s presentations nudge his listeners to insight, parceling out clues modeled on Boydian theory, moving from physical periphery to moral center.

1335-1405 LTC Andrew Dziengeleski “Operational Planning in Afghanistan or How John Boyd Rolled Over in his Grave”

Photo: LTC Andrew Dziengeleski "what we have done in Afghanistan has made zero difference....our orientation was wrong..."

“What we have done in Afghanistan has made zero difference….our orientation was wrong…”

In what was the most controversial address of the conference, LTC Dziengeleski spared no one in his blistering critique of American failures in Afghanistan and it’s costs, including himself, apologizing at one point to the audience for not having been able to have done more. His examples were legion and the debate provoked was the most vigorous of the conference and continued online.

1420-1450 Mark Hart “A Graphics Version of Operating Inside Adversary’s OODA Loops”

Photo: Mark Hart discussing part of his upcoming book, Developing Winners

This was different.Previously, use of Power point had been strongly discouraged at Boyd & Beyond but here Hart used animation to elucidate aspects and dimensions of the OODA Loop, including the famous aerial maneuver used by “Forty Second Boyd” to best adversaries in dogfight practices. Hart has an upcoming book soon to be published, Developing Winners.

1605-1650 Alexander Olesker ” Counter-Deception in the Information Age

Photo: Alex Olesker "deception and counter-deception are the same....channels are really important"

“Deception and counter-deception are the same….channels are really important”

In a brief about the principles of deception in the cyber world, Alex discussed “Hacking the OODA Loop” with unexpected inputs, influencing action,  “Bending the map” and the deception cycle, illustrating his points with humor and case studies.

End of day 1 – more to come!

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  1. Nathaniel T. Lauterbach:

    I hope to make it up to one of those conferences.  Looks like fun.

  2. Critt Jarvis:

    Nate, Yes! And this post is prelude to Day 2 🙂

  3. Grurray:

    How about a video?

  4. Col. James G. Burton (Retired):

    There is an error in this story.  My quote is correct in that I was promoted below the zone to Major and again to Lt. Col.  Then I met John Boyd. I was then passed over for promotion to full colonel twice, but I was eventually promoted to full colonel on the third try. You need to correct the prefix to my name to Col, not LTCol. Otherwise, this is a good summary of the first day.

    Jim Burton

  5. zen:

    Hi Colonel,
    My sincerest apologies. I strive to get proper titles of address correct here and I had not written the last part down about you making it the third time in my notes. Enjoyed your presentation and glad to have seen you at B&B!