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Top Billing! Dave Dilegge at SWJ Thoughts on the “New Media”

Quite a collection that Dave has compiled on the role Web 2.0/New media have “revolutionized” the “lessons learned” process for the U.S. military, featuring commentary from Spencer Ackerman, Tom Barnett, Janine Davidson, Andrew Exum, Grim, Judah Grunstein, Dave Kilcullen, Raymond Pritchett, Mark Safranski, Herschel Smith, Starbuck, Michael Tanji, and Michael Yon. An honor for me to be included in such a group. 

UPDATED !!: As many people read this post on Monday rather than Sunday, I am adding a few more items:

Whirledview (CKR ) –  Great Powers

Red Herringsthe bookshelf: great powers by thomas p.m. barnett

Reviews of Great Powers: America and the World After Bush by two blogfriends and co-authors who differ on the merits of Tom’s work. Cheryl is the more critical and likes certain aspects or concepts much more than the overall book. Adrian calls the book ” Outstanding” but takes great issue with the title itself.

MountainRunnerIt is time to create a center for public diplomacy discourse and research  and  and Comparing the Areas of Responsibility of State and Defense (Updated)

 Matt Armstrong’s efforts to upgrade the status and practice of public diplomacy – as well as to drag it into the 21st century – have been sustained and increasingly impressive. For all the complaining about bloggers just talking, Matt is an example of making the jump to real world action, from educating the media and members of Congress about Smith-Mundt to the recent White Oak Recommendations. I’m certain that will become, in time, the Small Wars Journal of public diplomacy, as Matt intends. And I will be an early member there, when the forum opens, just as I was at the SWC. I encourage you to be there as well and turbo-charge the launch.

Project White HorseRC#25 Resilient Communities and Actionable Intelligence (Part 1) 

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