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Brother, Can You Spare a DIME?

So, the U.S. Army War College wants it’s own blog, eh??


ZP is more like a Dime Store blog 🙂 Hat tip SWJ Blog.

6 Responses to “Brother, Can You Spare a DIME?”

  1. PurpleSlog Says:

    Hmmm…it starts with a pop-up and doesn’t have a an RSS feed. I won’t be checking it again.

  2. Curtis Gale Weeks Says:

    Any coincidence that the first topic of concern is Strategic Communication?

    Mmmm….inquiring minds want to know.

  3. Curtis Gale Weeks Says:

    " the Information Element of Power"

  4. Ski Says:

    Zen, at the risk of tooting my own horn, the School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) Seminar I am in has started a blog as well.

    Here is the link for anyone who may be interested in commenting with 16 SAMS students and our two instructors:

  5. zen Says:

    Toot away, Dr. von Ski! 😉
    Incidentally, your SAMS class blog already trumps DIME.

  6. Ski Says:


    Thanks for allowing the link – we’ve been a little slow this week due to an exercise that finished yesterday.  Each seminar is focused on a specific geographic area, and ours is NORTHCOM, which has the potential to be very interesting and difficult in one fell swoop.

    It should pick up this week as we are beginning the "Design" portion of the school.  Design is a new doctrinal (at least from what I can tell) movement within the Army, and it’s an attempt to add a new process/way to build plans, as there is widespread frustration about the JOPP/MDMP process and it’s limitations.  It will be linked to those two processes, and seems to be attempt to produce a much wider and holistic view of a situation/potential operation.  There is widespread discussion within the Army right now, as there should be, as Design is supposed to be incorporated into the new FM 5-0.

    Thanks again and don’t be afraid to add your two cents over at Pia Fedelis (or any of your other readers, are all welcome as long as you are cordial).


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