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Daemon by Daniel Suarez

I was not entirely happy with the amount of book reading that I accomplished in 2009 and this year I am going to shoot for both a larger number of books as well as more books that are fiction or relate to science. In this instance, both.

I picked up Daemon because of the exceptionally high praise given to Suarez’s new book, Freedom
by John Robb and Shlok Vaidya (Freedom is the sequel to Daemon and Robb has a blurb on the book jacket). They were right. Suarez is good. As in William Gibson good. Orson Scott Card good. Philip K. Dick good. You get the idea.

6 Responses to “Daemon”

  1. Lexington Green Says:

    Whoa.  That good?  Wow.  Ok. 
    Did you read The Diamond Age? 

  2. zen Says:

    Yeah, I’m enjoying it. Not as futurist as Gibson, explores/dramatizes tech in a more presentist way.
    No but I will put The Diamond Age on my Kindle list.

  3. Chris Says:

    Lex, Zen:

    Yep, it’s that good.  I was a little leery of this book because of the comparison to Gibson (Neuromancer was great, but Gibson hasn’t had a fastball for a LONG time now). 

    But, this…is really good.  It’s got superempowered individuals, cyberwarfare, and solid characterization.  Pick it up. 

    Semper Fidelis,

  4. zen Says:

    Hi Chris,
    I finished it a couple of days ago – a great read! I have a few non-fiction books to finish first, then I’m going to read Freedom(TM).

  5. Chris Says:

    Just finished Freedom TM (hey, don’t judge me–I can stop any time I want to).  You guys won’t be disappointed. 

    Of course, now my reading for Command and Staff is that much more boring.

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