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Apocalyptic Reagan: the yea or nay of it


Sources: the Shirtthe Mark

Since we haven’t reached the End yet, option B is implausible to say the least.

2 Responses to “Apocalyptic Reagan: the yea or nay of it”

  1. Bryan Alexander Says:

    These would go nicely with that 1980s incident, where some federal official recommended stamping post-nuclear survivors’ hands with UPC codes.  I only dimly remember this, but it was a Rev. moment.

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    Never heard of that one — but I do think a dictionary of "items liable to give apocalyptic offense" might be a handy thing to have.
    Telling people to avoid giving their children three six-letter names does seem a bit intrusive, though. There must be tens of thousands of kids who’d qualify for 666 if that’s the criterion!

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