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Taylor Swift online — from Bach to Infosec

[ by Charles Cameron — idle chit chat, I really shouldn’t ]

Since I recently provided evidence of Taylor Swift singing Bach‘s organ music the other day, I don’t think it’s too great a stretch to point out that she also posts on topics of interest to security geeks. Frankly, I’m a bit taken aback that Edward Snowden hasn’t been transparent about their relationship.

Here are some of her recent tweets:

Apocalyptic, see — you just can’t get away from it! I mean…


Come to think of it..

That sounds good to me. Hey, and she’s self-deprecating, too:


Only Kim Kierkegaardashian is almost as clever —

— though not half as sweet to look upon.


Don’t I have anything better to do?

Yup, today’s the day we take son Emlyn back up to Oregon to continue his major in criminology. So I woke an hour early, and now I really should go.

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