Atwell Zoll?

[ by Charles Cameron — query re his quote on an American dictatorship ]


Can anyone give me a source for this quote from Donald Atwell Zoll?

One of the reasons why many Americans do not fear a domestic dictatorship is that they assume dictatorship would take some exotic form similar to those they have observed in Germany, Japan, or Russia, and they cannot imagine such conditions as an indigenous set of arrangements and customs. An American dictatorship would be no more like Nazi Germany in style than it would resemble the Zulu empire of Chaka — it would be dictatorship American plan, complete with George Washington, Valley Forge, the Stars and Stripes, the “home of the brave,” the World Series, Captain Kangaroo, and Mother’s insipid apple pie. It would appear to be the apotheosis of democracy — and, of course, in a sense, it would be.

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  1. Grurray:

    There’s a story about Theodore Roosevelt visitin the Habsburg Emperor Franz Joseph in 1910 and asking him what he thought the role of monarchy was in the modern 20th century. The emperor supposedly said, “to protect my peoples from their governments”.