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Irony, much?

[ by Charles Cameron — Saudi girl’s council, all male ]

I believe this to be an example of the Ouroboros Moebius, or flattened snake twisted and self-biting — the negative or flipped version of the usual self-biter:

Habitat not limited to Saudi Arabia…


  • BBC News, Saudi Arabia launches girls’ council – without any girls
  • One Response to “Irony, much?”

    1. Charles Cameron Says:


      However, not quite what is claimed – the picture is in the form of a fake.
      It does not show the girls’ council – but emissaries who were invited to the opening, including the Saudi Prince Faisal bin Mishaal bin Saud bin Abdulaziz.
      There is also no advice that applies to all of Saudi Arabia, but only to the province of Qassim.
      The actual council consists of 39 members – all women. The chairman is Princess Abir bint Salman ( “Al-Riyadh” , in Arabic).
      Bento, Saudi Arabia now has a girls council

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