Impeachment: the unintended consequences

[ by Charles Cameron — unknown unknowns and the cloud of unknowing ]


As so often, there’s little thought given to consequences when thise who deeply dislike and distrust President Trump call for his impeachment.

One consequence of a successful impeachment and conviction would be the ascension of VP Pence to the office of the Presidency — a possibility dramatized for liberals by the discovery of an old interview in which “Vice President Mike Pence once had told The Hill, a political newspaper and website, that he never dines with women alone, nor does he attend functions without his wife if alcohol is being served.” but that can be handled, as this bumper sticker testifies:

What worries me a whole lot more, though, is the predictably dire resuts of liberal enthusiasm to convict blinding those same liberals to the militant support President Trump receives from his core support base:

@JackPosobiec If democrats try to impeach Trump there's going to b an uprising like never before. We need to stand by Trump. We need to vote out dems 2018

— I'm Right ?? (@pete03217) May 18, 2017

@mitchellvii Go ahead and impeach Trump, we will make the revolutionary war look like it was a simple trip to Martha's Vineyard.

— Cali-Conservative (@CaliConsrvative) May 17, 2017