Sadhu and Southern Baptist, Sunday surprise

Above the highest heaven is the dwelling place of Krishna. It is a place of infinite idyllic peace, where the dark and gentle river Yamuna flows beside a flowered meadow, where cattle graze; on the river’s bank sweet-scented trees blossom and bend their branches to the earth, where peacocks dance and nightingales call softly. Here Krishna, ever-young, sits beneath the trees, the sound of his flute echoing the nightingales’ call. Sometimes he laughs and jokes and wrestles with his friends, sometimes he teases the cowherd-girls of the village, the Gopis, as they come to the river for water. And sometimes, in the dusk of days an eon long, his flute’s call summons the Gopis to his side. They leave their homes and families and husbands and honor — as it is called by men — and go to him. Their love for him is deeper than their fear of dishonor. He is the fulfillment of all desire…

That, too, is Vrindaban!

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  1. Sally Benzon:

    Thanks for this post, Charles. My own most earnest prayer was committed on Mt Fuji, climbing in driving wind and hard rain. I didn’t make the summit. Nor did I need to. The lesson was all there with each foot step.

  2. Charles Cameron:

    The closest I got was the (then) HQ of Soka Gakkai in the foothills of Mt Fuji, where I spent time with a PR flack, and never even went inside to visit Taiseki-ji, the temple founded by Nichiren and the place of the Gohonzon, central article of Nichiren Shoshu practice — nor do I have much memory of Fuji-san itself.
    Once more, I envy my friends their travels!

  3. Sally Benzon:

    Yes, I know of Taiseki-ji but haven’t been there. So many humbling temples to visit in Japan, as you know. I actually haven’t traveled much at all. And it seems I always end up with either my childhood willow tree, or the dewdrops on the morn. Here is a clip for you of some heartbreakingly beautiful gorgeous singing, W.B. Yeats put to song. (It is a masterclass and the tenor sings the song in its entirety at the beginning. Spoiler alert: this is one masterclass where the master, Stephanie Blythe, said she didn’t have a single thing to teach about the tenor’s singing.)

  4. Charles Cameron:

    As you say, gorgeous!

  5. Wacays:

    Sulaiman bin Buraidah narrated on the authority of his father (RAA) that the Prophet (PBUH) taught us that when we visit graves we should say, “Peace be upon you, O believing men and women, O dwellers of this place. Certainly, Allah willing, we will join you. We supplicate to Allah to grant us and you well being.” Related by Muslim.

  6. Charles Cameron:

    Thank you, I appreciate this contribution