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Mini – Recommended Reading

Brain Pickings -Cargo Cult Science: Richard Feynman’s 1974 Caltech Graduation Address on Integrity

Colin Gray – Concept Failure: Counterinsurgency and Strategic Theory  

“A R2P Festival”- Leon Wieseltier -They Died for Westphalia,  Henry Kissinger vs. Anne-Marie Slaughter, Jason Fritz of Inkspots vs. Slaughter & Shadi Hamid,  Daveed Garstein-Ross vs.Dan Trombly vs. Danielle Pletka  and finally, Adam Elkus vs. Westphalia

Hat tip to my amigo Bruce Kesler!

Thomas PM Barnett -An accurate if overwrought description of the Chinese economy

Global Guerrillas -This Version of the Four Horsemen the Apocalypse actually Makes Sense

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