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I’m a tad late on this today due to a busy weekend but better late than never. In fact, I am forced to do this one ” speedy quick”:

Bruce Kesler – “Rules of Engagement for Conscience and Sense“. Top billing. Regardless of the prospects for the ” surge” (insert healthy realism about the parameters of the possible here) I am totally opposed to attempting to micromanage battlefield tactics from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. That’s simply a bad precedent for future conflicts and I’m not comfortable with some military manuver becoming the equivalent of “partial birth abortion” at the hands of folks not currently being shot at. There are more responsible ways to signal displeasure with Bush administration policy, if that is the Senators’ intentions.

Stephen DeAngelis – ” Wikileaks and Secrecy

Dave Schuler – “The Fog of War

Michael Tanji –(Global) Guerrillas in our Midst?

Thomas P.M. Barnett – “When America threatens war with Iran

David Kilcullen -“Two Schools of Classical Counterinsurgency

MountainRunner – “Petraeus on Goldwater-Nichols & Private Security Contractors

Purpleslog – “Criticism of 5GW found in TDAXP Comments

Whew ! I’m outta here….that’s it!

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