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Gunnar Peterson – “Thinking about Robert Garigue

Here Gunnar expounds on the ideas of the late Dr. Garigue, a powerful systemic thinker who understood how integration and risk-management in the information security field changes human/organizational performance to attain new efficiencies. A post that should be of interest to Tom, Steve, John and Dave in particular.

Fabius Maximus – “Forecast: the Death of the American Constitution

FM critiques America’s status as a nation-state in light of the text of the Constitution, which he argues we have moved away from in search of equality and prosperity. It would be interesting to look at Fabius’ essay in light of Bobbitt’s Shield of Achilles and the transition from state-nation to nation-state and to the market-state. I certainly agree with Fabius on the point that the elite in America have a class disdain, despite partisan differences, for the constitutional order of the Founders that impedes contemporary technocratic and oligarchic policy preferences.

Wiggins – “Regarding Black Globalization

The volume and velocity of these “flows in the shadows” make Black Globalization the sleeper national security issue of the decade. The legitimate international banking industry is deeply complicit here ( some $ 200-300 billion of looted Soviet and Russian funds, some under the control of high ranking ex-KGB and CPSU bureaucrats, dangerous people in my view, made its way to Western banks in the 1990’s) which is why Western governments have been loathe to address this issue forthrightly.

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