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Former President Jimmy Carter became the ideological point man of the DNC’s campaign to delegitimize the results of the 2004 election before the balloting has yet to take place. This is a short-sighted strategy designed to throw red meat and cull donations from the type of Noam Chomsky reading,” Bush is Hitler” idiots who populate the comment boards over at Atrios site.

However it’s a dangerously irresponsible idea for the health of the Republic and cartoonishly hypocritical as well. One wonders where Mr. Carter’s concern was when his party was systemically attempting to get votes from felons and illegal aliens. Indeed, liberal academics have pushed for the Democratic party to make restoration of the voting rights of felons a long term legal strategy for victory and to extend voting rights to illegal aliens.

Mr. Carter does a lot of good in the world and in general, his conduct as a former President is admirable. That being said he is also quite capable of petty outbursts and egotistically driven grandstanding behavior, foreign policy freelancing and bitter partisanship. Today’s commentary by Mr. Carter falls into the latter category.

If it’s not close not only can’t they cheat, their whining will be less credible too.

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