Tool of the Week Award


“The only people celebrating at the Pentagon last week were the Mexicans working on renovating the building.”                               –  Dr. Loren Thompson

It takes a rare class of wit to combine an allusion to an ethnic minority group while shilling for a fabulously overpaid and notoriously dysfunctional industry that is anxious that we are spending too much money on the war wounded. Full story at Danger Room.

Remember people, every dollar wasted on caring for a critically injured combat veteran, or on a pay raise that keeps a private’s family off of food stamps is a dollar that could have gone to cost overruns or a desperately needed executive bonus.

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  1. Sean Meade:

    my opinion of Thompson drops lower every day.

  2. zen:

    I’m aghast.

  3. Eddie:

    Any chance he could go jogging by Joe Biden’s motorcade anytime soon? He’s a real creep. 

  4. Joseph Fouche:

    More evidence that the Washington establishment should be periodically culled, possibly with a woodchipper.

  5. Shlok:

    There’s a special class of Boeing/Lockheed etc backed ‘think tanks’. Thompson, Frank Gaffney’s ragtag group, a few others. Just real pricks, on paper and in person too.

  6. Starbuck:

    Loren Thompson?  Isn’t this the same guy who promoted his own blog by insulting the vast majority of milbloggers in its first post?  Insulting your target audience = brilliant!  (PowerPoint logic at its finest)

  7. zen:

    That would be him, yes.

  8. J. Scott:

    This is the referenced not mentioned by Starbuck above: