Sunday surprise — two women walking

[ by Charles Cameron — Tarkovsky, Nostalghia, Vivaldi, Mingardo ]


I trust you are in no hurry. Watching a film by Tarkovsky invites a certain stillness, permeated with wonder. It is in that stillness that the birds..

…in this case, Nostalghia, are born from the Madonna.

I was reading my daily quota of Three Quarks Daily and found Leanne Ogasawara‘s Dreaming of the Madonna — interesting, indeed beautiful — but when it closed with that video clip I was — transported, transfixed. Such luminous beauty.

The woman painted, the woman carried, and the woman walking.


And then to recall another woman walking, in a clip no less beautiful: the exquisite Sara Mingardo, who has been holding back, listening to and absorbing conductor Rinaldo Alessandrini and Concerto Ialiano performing Vivaldi‘s Gloria from the start of Philippe B├ęziat‘s movie of that great work, and moves slowly forward to join them to sing her agonized opening notes, “Domine Deaus, Agnus Dei” — “Lord God, Lamb of God”:


It is entirely possible to be lifted from this world into another world — without the necessity of leaving this one.

To be lifted from beauty to beauty.