A footnote to a benchmark in boundless cyberspace

Let’s call it a benchmark — and while this business about A Balkhi may be just a detail, benchmarks are go-tos, and I hope Alex will update his.

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  1. Critt Jarvis:

    Very cool, Charles!
    Polanyi writes of stereoscopic viewing in his essays “Tacit Knowing” (Knowing and Being, pg 167-168) and “The Structure of Consciousness” (K&B, pg 211-13)  Snip, “… The fusion of two stereoscopic pictures to a single spatial image is not the outcome of an argument; and if its result is illusory, as it well can be, it will not be shaken by argument. The fusion of the clues to to image on which they bear is not a deduction but an integration.”

  2. On stereo thinking:

    […] From Zenpundit: […]

  3. Charles Cameron:

    Thanks, Critt:
    I’ve made use of part of my post along with your comment in a post at Sembl