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A very big hat tip to Dave Schuyler for locating this powerpoint presentation regarding the war crimes of the Iraqi insurgency who are looking more and more to me like Soviet-trained special operations experts from Saddam’s Special Security Organization and the Special Republican Guard.

And the Arabs who are angry at America for taking Fallujah are our enemies as much as were the Germans who hated us for landing at Normandy or crossing the Rhine. Their anger is indicative of their emnity.

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  1. nadezhda Says:

    Apparently the US is also using some of those ex-Saddam special security guys.

    chez Nadezhda

  2. mark Says:

    Thanks for alerting me to this.

    This is a relatively small group of men, in the low thousands, very dangerous, very skilled. Trained on Spetsnz/Osnaz lines to be experts at behind -enemy-lines sabotage warfare.

    If the U.S. has belatedly bought off a fair number of them it could help turn the tide and that would explain the sudden progress against the insurgency. We also don’t want them running around free across the arab world as terrorists for hire and forming criminal syndicates as happened with the ex-KGB officers in Russia.

    Unfortunately it also involves a steep moral compromise because these people are likely to be implicated in the worst crimes of Saddam’s regime.

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