The Human Face of War, by Jim Storr, in paperback

[by J. Scott Shipman]

The Human Face of War, by Jim Storr

This extraordinary book is now available in paperback for considerably less than the original $100 price tag.

This book has been reviewed twice at zenpundit:

Zen wrote the first review here.

I followed up with a dust-off of a long review written just after reading, find that here.

This is a very important book and strongly recommended.


Zen here – I am intruding on Scott’s post to add my strong endorsement. If you are serious about strategy, particularly if you are a member of the armed forces with responsibility for operational planning or unit leadership,  The Human Face of War by Colonel Storr is on the short list of must-read books. It no longer costs a zillion dollars, so go buy it.

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  1. J. Scott Shipman:

    Hi Zen,

    Many thanks for the Addendum! Must read book—even for old boat sailors like me!