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Hinnary, or: Google Image Search, meet Hillary Clinton

[ by Charles Cameron — artificial intelligence at the intersection of religion and politics ]

Our own J Scott Shipman posted what I term a DoubleQuote on Facebook this morning, offering a juxtaposition of politician Hillary Clinton and preacher Benny Hinn:


I’ve enlarged it and cropped it lengthwise to give you a proper appreciation of the comparison.



Okay, I thought, Scott’s doing an informal DoubleQuote, let me see if I can find the two images and rework them into one of my regular DoubleQuote formats. Only it wasn’t that easy. The only versions of the Hinn photo I could find were too small for my format, and the Hillary image wasn’t a photo but a screencap from a video — I could find a similar screencap from another TV channel, but not the exact one Scott had found.

As you’ve seen above, I finally settled for cropping and enlarging the image Scott had provided — but along the way I ran across another instance of the intelligence of artifice — in this case, Google Image Search’s recognition technology:


Ah — but spokesperson for what or whom?


I’m relieved to say that while Google is in general a brilliant, cutting-edge, genius of a search engine, it’s clearly not following the current Presidential race with any enthusiasm.

You see that lady? She’s one of the candidates, and she was on several TV channels and online streaming sites just last night.

There’s another candidate, who probably looks pretty much the same to you:


I don’t think my telling you all this will make you more artificially intelligent — but it might make you a little better informed about current affairs.

6 Responses to “Hinnary, or: Google Image Search, meet Hillary Clinton”

  1. J.ScottShipman Says:

    Splendid, Charles! My use of your double quotes was purely accidental.

  2. Charles Cameron Says:

    My warm appreciation to yourself and Mr Ayres.

  3. Grurray Says:

    I still like the Mao jacket. It might be a good fashion counter to the Neo-Reactionaries elevating Trumpism.
    Here’s what Pantone says about white by the way:
    —–White. The Purest of the pure. Billowing clouds. The white dove of peace and freedom, white is a conciliatory color. Unsullied, divine, pristine, traditionally the color of clothing for babies and brides, there is an innocence, delicacy and simplicity to white. A color that also speaks to modernity and contemporary design white represents new beginnings and our ability to start anew on a blank slate. White light contains all colors so that we think of white as the complete presence of light. True whites are rarely found in nature.
    However, while pure white is perceived as brilliant, there is also the association of silence to white. Think of the absolute quiet of a white snowfall. The color family we correlate with meditation and the expression “quiet calm”, white is a symbol of calming influence in a frenetic society that is rediscovering the value of measured consideration and quiet reflection.
    When Hillary wore white during her nomination speech. I saw this from House of Cards tweeted out a lot:
    Robin Wright isn’t exactly a match to say the least, but I understand her wardrobe on the show often has symbolic qualities, with white being some sort of foreshadowing.

  4. Cheryl Rofer Says:

    Clinton wears white because it is the color of the suffragettes. She wore it at the Democratic Convention to accept the nomination. I’ll bet she wears it for her inauguration as well.

  5. Charles Cameron Says:

    Mao or Nehru?
    And is that a political question, or purely sartorial?

  6. Charles Cameron Says:

    Aha, I’d say Google is better than Wolfram at this game:


    Hillary clearly needs more PR outreach to the community of artificial intelligences!

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