On the HipBone and Sembl games: update

every move you make is a creative leap

If playing Sembl gives us practice in polyphonic thinking, if it helps cultivate connectivity and our capacity to find solutions to local and global problems, it is good value. As Charles says, every move is a creative leap.

Cath concludes:

If you’re interested in working with us to supply content, develop strategy or raise capital, we’re keen to talk.

And I can’t tell you how much I’m anticipating being able to invite everyone to play.



Cath can be reached via Twitter at @cathstyles, and I’m at @hipbonegamer. The Sembl site is at Sembl.net.

Next up: what Sembl has to offer the IC.

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  1. Dan Bassill:

    Charles, this is a great article and fascinating idea. I have been writing about MOOCs and ways to engage large numbers of people in on-going learning, reflection and collective problem solving. I added a link to this story in the comments section of http://tutormentor.blogspot.com/2012/04/navigating-information-overload-moocs.html where you can see I’ve been adding new info to the post I first wrote in April 2012.


  2. Dr. Ian Maun:

    Trying to reach Charles Cameron to discuss the Glass Bead Game. Can you help, please?
    Dr. Ian Maun
    University of Exeter

  3. Charles Cameron:

    [ Done ]