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Living Intelligence System

My twitteramigo @ckras has put your tax dollars to work attempting to shatter the stovepipes of analytical excellence in the IC.

And it is pretty cool…..notice how issues of lines of authority and reliability of information are facilitated and made infinitely more efficient with off the shelf Web 2.0.


The nice thing about this project of @ckras is that his model can be generalized to any large organization or system where bureaucratic complexity and the territoriality of guarding tiny empires is gumming up the timely flow of information into the right hands.

2 Responses to “Living Intelligence System”

  1. dave davison Says:

    Mark: Thanks for the link  – the video is really top-notch as an example of video presentation.
    IMO, the  living intelligence system has much potential outside the intelligence community. The integration of "vetted" content
    with geospatial widgets  gives me an idea, which I will send along as soon as I have sufficiently grokked it.  .

  2. zen Says:

    Hi Dave,
    Good to hear from you. Yes, I really liked this demo that @ckras and his ppl put together – hopefully the IC powers will bite. Even if they do not, I see that this model would be great in say, applied to public ed., for scientific collaboration on research teams, law enforcement, political war rooms and so on…
    Shoot me an email when you are ready and I will put you in contact with ckras

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