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Tuesday, October 11th, 2005


Good stuff. Deep stuff. Interesting Stuff….no theme on my part today.

Dr. Von posts on “ Emergence” – collective behavior of complex systems. I learned from this one.

Collounsbury on “ Arabic II: Training, Translation & Intelligence” and gently pummels the ubiquitous praktike about the face and head

Curtis Gale Weeks at Phatic Communion has erudite commentary on my ” Gorewellian” post. Have to answer this later tonight ;o)

Jeff at Caerdroia has an admirably bare-knuckle post entitled ” Peace of the Grave

Chirol at Coming Anarchy explains the results of Germany’s election while Younghusband tries to 4GW the Cuban Missile Crisis ( a favorite topic for Cold War historians).

Eric at Classical Values seems to believe that his blog is ” the bomb”.

That’s it.


Link error to Collounsbury fixed ! Apologies to Col and Von for the mistake !

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005


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He has been reviled as the arch-imperialist, a slaver, a brute, an incompetent, a con man, the father of genocide, a fantasist and a failure. He is the bogeyman of the multicultural, lunatic, Left even though he died half a millenia ago. He is Christopher Columbus.

A great man.

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