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Sunday, December 3rd, 2006


Blogfriend Marc Shulman at American Future leads with “The Rumsfeld Memo ” and speculates on Rummy’s motives. I think Marc is close to the truth here.

Cool new blog of the day, P A Martin B√∂rjesson at Futuramblog – “Where are the horizontal thinkers going? To the quality departments!!” and “Maslow turned upside down?” ( Hat tip Critt) Futureamblog badly needs a “home” or “main” icon :o)

Historian Niall Ferguson in the Washington Post -“The New Demagogues“. Cicero as a demagogue ? I suppose his reaction to the Cataline conspiracy qualifies but if so, then John Adams too was a demagogue during the quasi-war with France. That’s stretching the term too far.

Dr. Von with ” Unintended EMP strike ” ( oh, BTW ” Run, Vonny, Run!” -every political career starts somewhere )

Art Hutchinson at Mapping Strategy – “Hindsight is So Much Easier…”

Collounsbury with “MENA Govs – Still don’t get Free Market” and “Agitprop Blogs: Or Does It Explode?”

Dr. Richard Florida at The Creativity Exchange – “Class analysis gets classy“. Don’t get too entranced or put off by the strong legacy of academic Marxism here ( it is an endemic analytical perspective for Phd’s in the social sciences of a certain age cohort, regardless of their political views) and just look toward the important implications in the post.

Howard Rheingold at Cooperation Commons -” The Wisdom of (Gamer) Crowds

That’s it !

Working on a post of substantial size, which may or not get posted today depending on my energy level and real world chores. Either way, more to come.

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