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AQ wants the SEAL dead, Rev Jones wants…

[ by Charles Cameron — miscellaneous appearances today of the traditional “Wanted” motif ]

Just another instance of the close proximity of opposite ends of a spectrum…

A poster on one of the Al-Qaida forums would like to see the SEAL who was on the raid that killed bin Laden dead, while the Reverend who delights in burning other people’s scriptures appears to want the head of his President in a noose… metaphorically, perhaps?


Screenshot of threat to Navy SEAL author posted on “Al-Fidaa”, an officially-sanctioned Al-Qaida web forum, with h/t Evan Kohlmann @IntelTweet
Dr Terry Jones says Obama dead in 2012, with h/t JM Berger @intelwire…

As JM says: Stay classy, Terry Jones.

2 Responses to “AQ wants the SEAL dead, Rev Jones wants…”

  1. Mr. X Says:

    Speaking of calling specific individuals out publically or online:

    Oath Keepers just put their message on a billboard outside Ft. Leavenworth, KS to the one of the co-authors of the notorious Small Wars Journal piece on the Civil War of 2016.

  2. Mr. X Says:

    Again, I think Zen and Charles probably are aware of Oath Keepers if not this specific example. The above is more for the benefit of their readership who’re ‘waking up’, as it were. Zen seems wide awake to the ‘Creepy State’.

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