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The VA bows Before Mjolnir

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs has approved Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor the Norse God of Thunder, for use on gravestones of US military personnel.

“The Department of Veterans Affairs got out of the deciding game,” Pitzl-Waters says. The new rules stated that as long as a soldier filled out the proper paperwork and the symbol they wanted was linked with an existing religious community, a soldier could have any emblem they wanted on their tombstone. “You can’t just put, say, a Metallica logo on your headstone, but otherwise, the VA shifted the onus off of themselves in deciding what is or isn’t an ‘appropriate’ religion.”

In theory at least, Thor’s hammer was an acceptable symbol of faith in the eyes of the VA for the first time ever. But there was a dark side to the rules change. Like blót, the ancient Norse ritual sacrifice used to worship the gods, the Department of Veterans Affairs required blood to be spilled before Thor’s hammer could be officially added to the list. A soldier needed to die.

….Details are thin: His name was Shane, and he was a sergeant in the Marine Corps. He came from an extremely private family of Odinists, and he died in August 2012. After his death, his mother campaigned for the VA to not only allow Shane to have the symbol of Mjölnir placed on his headstone but for the same right to be extended retroactively to her husband, Mark, who had been buried by the Department of Veterans Affairs under a blank headstone under stricter rules. After ten months of red tape, the VA finally relented, and where once the space had been left empty, Mjölnir was carved into both of their headstones.

It’s a weird thing, when you think about it. That somewhere within a sea of headstones at Calverton or some other national cemetery, two soldiers–father and son–lay buried beneath the emblem of their faith: a magic, flying hammer that just also happens to be a pretty cool comic book weapon millions of people around the world know pretty well. 

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7 Responses to “The VA bows Before Mjolnir”

  1. Scott Says:

    So will we be looking at a revival of the cult of Mithras next?

  2. Lynn C. Rees Says:

    The past. Always in motion it is. (As Yoda might say).

  3. Grurray Says:

    If we start to see Ents then we know it’s gone too far

  4. Lynn C. Rees Says:

    You know it’s time to leave when the other party attendees start sacrificing virgins to Huitzilopochtli.


  5. Charles Cameron Says:

    I’m feeling a touch of post-envy coming on —  not for the first time.

  6. zen Says:

    Ha! I thought you would like this one Charles!

  7. Mr. X Says:

    As long as there are no SS style runes.

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