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Boyd and Beyond 2013, 11 & 12 October at Quantico, VA

[by J. Scott Shipman]

Photo credit: Zenpundit

Greetings! Boyd and Beyond 2013 is 66 days from today. Stan and I are assembling a schedule. These are the speakers who are confirmed: Carlos Balarezo & Rob Paterson, Dean Lenane, Bob Weiman, Terry Barnhart, Andrew Dziengeleski, Pete Turner, Marshall Wallace, Alex Olesker and Michael Moore. There is a possibility Jim Burton will be with us this year, but this is not confirmed. Those listed to speak, please send Stan and I an email with your title (even if you’ve already done so) and duration. Most have asked for an hour, but please confirm. If you have a topic and wish to present, please let Stan and I know.

Stan says we we will be in the ‘Friday room” at the Command and Staff College both days, and that parking will be a challenge on Friday due to construction.

If you haven’t RSVP’d, please do so as space will be at a premium.

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